Room tour, 1.10-7.11.2020, Raster Gallery, Warsaw

The heroine of the works of Karolina Jabłońska (born 1991) and Sophie Thun (born 1985) is a young woman, an artist seeking per­sonal liberation and empower­ment in art. Room Tour is an exhibitionist inspec­tion of the space in which she creates. A room of one’s own, once a symbol of creative eman­cipation, now becomes a space of loneliness and melan­choly in the time of the pan­demic and the social isolation it has imposed. In the pain­terly and photographic images of Jabłońska and Thun, autoerotic and vanitas motifs inter­twine with reflec­tion on the medium as an instrument for represen­tation, and asser­tiveness also under­stood as a right to be unproduc­tive. These images inc­lude allusions to clas­sical iconography and con­tem­porary media reality. Jabłońska’s pain­ting is charac­terized by an individual, expres­sive style, whose hal­l­marks are a ten­dency to rescaling and defor­mation, and a mul­tihued light stres­sing the plasticity of the bodies. In turn, Thun’s unique photographs have a post-​media charac­ter, com­bining clas­sical photographic tech­nique with per­for­mative elements. In the photograms, the artist’s body is present simul­taneously as a photographic image and as an illuminated trace, a kind of physical reflec­tion. The motif of the self-​portrait recurs many times in Room Tour as an ambivalent figure of creative autonomy and isolation, strength and exhaustion.